What Is A Makeup Train Case

What Is A Makeup Train Case

makeup train case

What exactly is a makeup train case? Well, unlike a typical cosmetic bag a train case is a way to neatly store all of your cosmetics in one place while still keeping everything organized. These cases are heavily used by makeup artists, but if you are looking for a different solution to your makeup storing needs a train case may be exactly what you need.

The difference in a train case and a regular cosmetic case:

Makeup train cases are generally in the shape of a square (sometimes rectangle) and have a hardened exterior whereas most common cosmetic cases are made somewhat similar to a handbag, this keeps your products from getting damaged while traveling or even on those clumsy days that we all have from time to time. While some cosmetic bags do come with separate zipper compartments, and extra mini pockets somehow it seems like all the makeup ends up in the largest pocket all mixed together, no matter how many times each product is put in its place. Train cases come with separate compartments that securely hold all the varying pieces of makeup in their compartments even during transit.

Are there different sizes of makeup train cases to choose from?

Just like regular cosmetic cases makeup train cases do come in different sizes. If you don’t have a large collection, but still want to reap the rewards of using a train case there are plenty of brands that offer smaller cases that are perfect for a casual makeup user. Just as there are smaller train cases there are medium and large ones too. A quick google search will quickly reveal that there are no shortages of brands and styles available to suit even the most selective customer’s needs. There are even different colors and styles available too.

Will a train case be too bulky to bring along on outings?

The bulkiness of a makeup train case depends largely on the size and capacity of cosmetics that it holds. Smaller train cases have handles that make carrying them along a breeze. Medium and large train cases most often come with wheels and handles, so that bringing the case with you is as easy as pulling it along behind you.

Where to look for a makeup train case:

Before beginning the search for the perfect train case for you, it is important to assess your needs. Asking yourself questions like, “How large is my collection?”, “How will a train case benefit me?”, and “What are my organizational needs?” can help get your search started. After figuring out exactly what your storage needs are the search for a train case becomes as simple as typing the keywords into the google search bar. For instance, if you’re looking for a small train case with handles you would type that in, then simply scroll down until you see a case that catches your attention. If you have a specific color or style in mind you can add these specs into the google search bar with the rest of your keywords to narrow down the search. There are makeup train cases that fit even the most complex cosmetic storage needs, so just do a little research to find the best one for you.

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Filled Under: cosmetics Posted on: September 19, 2017