Reviews Of Top Easels For Toddlers

Reviews Of Top Easels For Toddlers

easels for kids

Kids’ easels are a great way to encourage creativity in your children. They create a convenient place for them to draw, paint, or stretch their minds in other ways. Instead of their art projects being spread all over a table or the floor, they are contained to the easel. This makes mess-control and cleanup very easy.

Kids’ easels like step 2 easel are very sturdy. Many are made of plastic and have metal hinges. This means they can stand up to even the most passionate little artists. Also, the plastic used to make the easels is usually brightly colored. This draws children to it and inspires the use of bright, stimulating colours in their art. There are a few different types of easels, and some have more features than others.

The double easels

Many easels made for children have two use-able sides. These double easels make it easy for two kids to enjoy it at once. The one hand generally has a clip where you can pin sheets of paper for them to paint or draw on, or there may be a bar to hold rolls of paper that can be pulled down and ripped off when your child is done with their project.

The other side of double easels usually has either a chalk board or a dry erase board. This is great if your child wants to doodle, but they don’t care if the picture is preserved. They can draw and erase as many times as they want.

The magnetic easels

There are also magnetic easels for children. With these, the dry erase or chalk board is usually the part that is magnetic. This makes it easy for kids to pin pictures that they want to recreate or pictures that they have drawn to the easel. Seeing their past works put on display often gives them the incentive to create more art.

While double easels have two sides for kids to work at, it should be noted that most of them are also wide enough to accommodate two children working on the same project. This is great if both your kids are working on a project for a loved one, or if an older child is teaching a younger child.

Easels with shelves

Something you may want to look for when you are shopping for kids’ easels is one that has storage on it. Kids particularly like easels that have a shelf on both sides to hold paints, markers, chalk, magnets, and anything else they may be using while they work at the easel. Shelves ensure that art supplies won’t end up all over the floor.


The best thing about many kid’s easels is that they can be used for years. If you buy the easel when your child is three, they could easily still be using it when they are six. This also means that these easels can be passed down. As your kids grow older, if they show a penchant for art you can get them a taller, nicer easel and give the child’s easel to your younger children.

There are many different styles of kids’ easels, and many places that sell them. The trick is finding them for a decent price. Even though buying an easel for your small child may seem like an expensive idea, the mental stimulation they get from making art is priceless. Also, your child will love having a spot that is entirely devoted to their art.

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Filled Under: Kids Posted on: August 31, 2017