What Is BMI And How Can A Fat Loss Monitor Measure It

What Is BMI And How Can A Fat Loss Monitor Measure It

body mass index

If you are concerned about your weight and body fat levels, there are few alternatives you will find helpful. Knowing your BMI is the first logical step.

BMI or Body Mass Index measures the body fat in relation to your body weight. BMI determines if you a healthy weight or not. It applies to adults-men and women- over 20 years. For children two years and over, the BMI percentile is the best body fat assessment.

BMI does not directly measure the body fat. It indicates a direct correlation between the body fat measurements that determine if one has a normal weight, or is underweight or overweight.

How to Calculate BMI

You need to know your height in meters and weight in kilograms. Divide your weight by height squared. Alternatively, there are BMI calculators that use metric and imperial measurements.

The BMI Standard Measurements

  • 18.5 and less indicates one is underweight
  • 18.5-24.9 means one has a healthy weight
  • 25 to 29.9 is an indication one is overweight
  • If your BMI is higher than 30 indicates you are obese

Fat Loss Monitors and Monitoring BMI

Fat loss monitors help monitor the overall weight of an individual. It also determines BMI and body fat percentage. The monitors also have key health indicators determine other important health issues such as the bone mass.

Some of the key features of the Fat loss monitors include:

  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Auto on/off features for ease of use
  • Health features that measure BMI, body weight and fat
  • The readings take seconds

Warnings and precaution: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or implanted devices.

How A Fat Loss Monitor Measures BMI: The Fat loss monitor will display the estimated body fat percentage using the Bioelectrical Impedance or BI. Based on the omron fat loss monitor accuracy it indicates the BMI range using the standard BMI classification bar.

BI Or Bioelectric Impedance Method Explained

Blood vessels, bones, and muscles have a high water concentration enabling them to conduct electricity easily. However, the body fat tissues tend to have a lower conductivity.

The fat loss monitor sends extremely low electrical currents of 50 kHz. The current passes through the body and determines the amount of fat tissue. Using a weak electrical current is safe and not felt by the person.

Certain circumstances will create a significant difference between the estimated and actual body fat. Changing ratios of the body fluids and composition is enough to create the difference. Some factors where the estimated and actual body fat percentage may vary include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children at the growing age
  • The elderly
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Professional athletes and body builders
  • Dialysis patients
  • Osteoporosis patients

BMI should be used as a screening tool. It is not accurate enough to be used as diagnostic tool to identify potential weight and health problem among adults. Invest in a fat loss monitor with upgraded features, additional health features, and easy to use. Also, ensure you maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and eating a proper diet.

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Filled Under: Wellness Posted on: September 13, 2017