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How To Train An Aggressive German Shepherd

5 tips for German Shepherd Training Success

One of the very intelligent and devoted breeds of dogs that are brought up as pets, German Shepherds are known for their active and persevering nature.They are not like any of the other well-known breeds of dogs.

Training a German Shepherds is a demanding job requiring a good deal of patience and a lot of attention. They have to be exercised all the time. However, if you are familiar with their behavior, training a German Shepherd will not be difficult. You can read a lot about training German Shepherds at germanshepherdandme.comYou should realize that the German Shepherd is not very different from its relatives in nature. They have a lot of traits that are found in the wild dogs and wolves.

Using the Alpha dog

It is interesting to note that the German Shepherds retain the notion of having a lead dog, which is the Alpha dog. In the wild, the packs of dogs always have a leader, the Alpha dog. Immediately next to it, in the line of leadership of the pack, is the Beta dog.To train your dog successfully, you must capitalize on the German Shepherd’s instinct to follow an Alpha dog. If you convince him that you are the Alpha dog, you can easily get him to obey your instructions.

You should know that the German Shepherds are a breed of dogs that do their best, always.After you have convinced him that you are the Alpha dog, your German Shepherd will always try to get to be the Beta dog and will regularly test the strength of your leadership.

Having Patient

In their attempt to become the Alpha dog they will disregard your commands or make you angry. This is how they test the strength of your leadership. You should never allow this behavior to make you angry or lose your temper. You should merely show them their place and be strict about it.

Your dog will not obey you until you have firmly established yourself in the leadership position as the Alpha dog of his pack.In the end, after accepting you to be the Alpha Dog, your German Shepherd will try to be the Beta Dog of the pack.

Be Watchful

If it so happens that you have other dogs also in your house, the German Shepherd will attempt to rule over them. You must watch out for any such aggressive behavior on the part of your German Shepherd.Your other dogs might become stressed by the dominating behavior of the German Shepherd. But the inclination to dominate is an instinctive behavior for him.


In view of this, it would be better that you do not have, in addition to the German Shepherd, other breeds of dogs in your house that are similar to the German Shepherd in ferocity. This will only create a lot of unpleasant strife for dominance among them.The following ideas will help prevent excessive aggressiveness in your dog.

1. Create a friendly training environment for your dog by allowing him to interact with your family and friends.

2. Socialize your dog with other dogs. Keep your dog away from aggressive dogs to prevent harm to him or negative influences on his behavior.

3. Keep your dog’s away from aggressive dogs that can hurt him or influence his behavior.

Your dog will soon learn to control his behavior to prevent discomfort, and he should calm down in some time.Proceed gradually and be patient while training your dog, because punishing your dog will not help train him.

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Filled Under: Pets Posted on: January 3, 2017