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What Is The Best Survival Gear Available

best survival gear


Surviving in the wilderness can be one of two things. To those of you who are city slickers, surviving in the wilderness could mean a luxury tent and a luxurious inflatable mattress and all the bells and whistles and an array of equipment that is not necessary for survival but rather for comfort and luxury. To those of you who realize what the great outdoors is all about, I have put together a list of survival gear to keep you going during your outdoor travels. The key to outdoor survival is to travel as light as possible but still carry all the necessities.After the best survival gear reviews, the following are the things which are necessary in a survival gear:

A Durable Tent

A tent is extremely important to shield you from adverse weather and to protect you from wild animals during night time hours. The tent should be easily assembled by one person and just as easily packed away. Mosquito net is a must in malaria areas. Waterproof fabric is extremely important if you will be staying outdoors in a known rainfall area.

Sleeping Bag

A warm and comfortable sleeping back it important. Often temperatures at night plummet in certain areas and you need to be prepared for his to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. A comfortable sleeping back will keep you well rested as you will need your strength to walk an source food during daylight hours.

Fresh Water

Stock up on fresh water before you leave. You will need to keep hydrated especially with the physical activities you will be doing. You don’t know when you will find fresh water again and you need to be sure you have enough to keep you going until then.

Water Purification Tablets

Your water will not last forever and you cannot carry drums of water with you as you need to travel as light as possible. You will find running water in streams along your way. Collect water in your container and use the tablets to clean it. The last thing you want in the middle of the great outdoors is a stomach problem.

A Multi-Tool

A camping multi-tool is extremely helpful as it contains most of the little tools you may need.


A compass is for those of you who really cannot read directions or like most men, don’t want to ask directions. If you get lost in the wilderness it can be days before anyone finds you and your supplies may not last that long.

Flash Light

A Flash light for those dark night after the fire has burned out. There are many hazards strewn on the ground and in the darkness you can fall and injure yourself.

Fishing Hooks and Line

Keep these handy as fresh fish is a great source of food and nutrients when trying to survive outdoors. If you are really desperate and cannot start a fire then fish will be a great help as it can be eaten raw.

First Aid Box and Survival Box

A first aid box should always be kept handy for cuts and grazes which you will experience. If something more severe occurs you must be able to treat your injuries until help arrives. Insect repellent is important in areas where Malaria is rife. Your survival box will always be stocked with matches. Fire is man’s best friend when it comes to warmth, cooking food and warding off wild animals at night. You will need these to start your fire unless of course you can do it like the cave men used to. Even so you should carry matches as the branches and ground may be wet and you will be unable to use that method. Sunblock is essential to shield you from the harsh sunlight.

Be sure to wear long pants, socks and comfortable sneakers or hiking boots. Cuts and grazes to the legs can be prevented this way. Insects won’t be able to bite you through long pants and socks. Comfortable footwear is a must. You will be walking great distances and must do so with as little discomfort as possible. Carry a warm jacket for when the temperatures decrease.

And there we have it, my essentials and best gear for survival. Obviously gear comes in many brands and the research and choice of brand is personal preference. Do your homework and buy something that is suitable for your needs.

Go into the wilderness and explore!


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